“Dean Tolson has an incredible ability to inspire people with his story and testimony about the importance of getting an education. His motivation and passion shine through with his message along with twenty years of public speaking experience that contribute to the success of his [story,] which will have tremendous impact on youth, adults, and the American athlete.”

Bill Baarsma, Ph. D., Mayor of Tacoma, WA


“The key to Dean’s story is that it has a real message to send out to many talented young athletes in the US, and it makes an important comment on the problems of the uneasy marriage between sports and our educational systems.”

–Alex Siskin, former development executive, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Studios


“Dean Tolson’s personal testimony and story focuses on a really clear message to many talented young athletes in the U.S., and it makes an important comment on the problems of the uneasy marriage between sports and our education system.”

–Chris Widener, The Angel Inside


“Dean’s story captivates the essence of inspiring people so they can overcome economic, social, and physical handicaps, as well as hardships on their way to achieving success through education. Dean takes his ‘trial and error’ odyssey to a level never seen before in American history in his ability to write his own book after receiving a M.Ed. from the University of Arkansas. There are many athletes who have never gone back to a Division I college and none have ever overcome illiteracy and graduated with a master’s degree.”

Frank Broyles, Athletic Director University of Arkansas, Hog Wild


“The Dean Tolson story demonstrates what people should not do while trying to achieve a quality education. His strong message speaks out to athletes that put all their eggs in one basket, hoping to become a professional athlete.”

Floyd Little, Denver Broncos running back, co-author, Floyd Little’s Tale from the Broncos Sidelines


“Dean’s message and testimony is extraordinary, unique, and powerful. He speaks directly from the heart in a way that makes a difference that will change people’s lives.”

Willie Jolley, professional entertainer/speaker/author, A Setback Is a Setup for a Comeback


“Dean Tolson has the experience and understands what it takes in getting a quality education. I have suggested that Dean should pursue his doctorate degree and become a complete authority on the topic of getting an education.”

Fredrick Nafuhko, Ph.D., co-author, Comparative Adult Education Around the Globe (Zhejiang University Press)


“I believe this book is destined to reach a broad spectrum of people: young and old, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, job holders and job seekers, as well as students and student athletes. On every page, it challenges you to look deep and ask, ‘who am I?’ Let Dean Tolson’s story inspire you to answer that question for yourself.”

–Stedman Graham, educator, businessman, author, #1 New York Times bestseller Identity: Your Passport to Success (Simon & Schuster)

Dean Tolson – Motivational Speaker

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