Dean Tolson was one of the top prep basketball players in the state of Missouri his junior and senior years at Central High School in Kansas City. So, when the colleges came running, he accepted a full ride to the University of Arkansas. Despite being unable to read or write, he went on to be one of the most prolific players to grace the Razorbacks’ campus. In 1974, Tolson was the first basketball player to be drafted by both the NBA and the ABA, having been selected by the Seattle Supersonics and the New York Nets, respectively, ultimately playing for the legendary Boston Celtics Hall of Famer Bill Russell in Seattle. Following his basketball career, in 2003 Tolson made the courageous decision to re-enroll at the University of Arkansas, and repeated all four years, this time legitimately. At the age of fifty-three, he returned to the university for three more years, earning a master’s degree and graduated magna cum laude. Tolson’s gripping story from his childhood in an orphanage to his academic achievements is not only an indictment of a system that would just “pass you along” from grade to grade as a hot basketball prospect without any educational accountability, but also an inspiring story of overcoming great odds to find success.

(224 pages • 978-1-4930-7689-5 • $28.95 • Hardback • October 2023)

By Dean Tolson.

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Dean Tolson – Motivational Speaker

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